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75A AVR- 190V-264V





SAVRH-75A is Universal AVR 75A 340V-440V Automatic voltage regulator for brush generator GAVR

AVR SAVRH-75A is use for High power Carbon Brush Generator.

Typical application: When the carbon brush phase hybrid excitation generator’s reactor or inverter is damaged or the secondary winding of the harmonic generator is shorted or broken, generator can’t work. The reactor can be removed and use this AVR for repairs


Voltage build-up: voltage build up automatically when the residual magnetism>4V25Hz

Input power: AC 340-440V 50/60Hz

Output: DC 50A 150V (Continuous)

Frequency compensation: the output voltage will decline when the inside motor slow down to protect circuit

Adjustment rate: >1%

75A AVR- 190V-264V

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