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Auto Main Failure, updates based on LXC610, especially for automatic system composed by gens and mains. With ARM-based 32-bit MCU, highly integrated hardware, new reliability level; v 132x64 LCD with backlight, multilingual interface (including English, Chinese or other languages) which can be chosen at the site, making commissioning convenient for factory personnel;  Equipped with advanced networking capabilities, via GPRS mobile network and Internet connectivity, in any place where the network can be remotely monitorLeasing industry applications: management provides the perfect solution: leased out via PC remote Management of the unit, you can monitor all operating parameters (oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, current, power, etc), you can always change the configuration to protect the unit is not proper application, can record 200 detailed fault information, including: time to failure, because ,when the voltage, current, power, oil pressure, water temperature and other key parameters, and ready to upload to the monitoring machine. Another multi-level password management options to facilitate the lease management; RS485 communication port enabling remote control, remote measuring, remote communication via Modbus protocol; Protection, automatic Start & Stop gen-set, ATS(Auto Transfer Switch) control with perfect fault indication and protection function; Parameter setting: parameters can be modified and stored in internal FLASH memory and cannot be lost even in case of power outage; most of them can be adjusted using front panel of the controller and all of them can be modified using PC via USB Equipped with SMS (Short Message Service) function. When gen-set is alarming, controller can send short messages via SMS automatic to max. 5 telephone numbers. User can control or check genset by sending Short Message; Adjust the controller `s configuration by the computer via USB, RS232, RS485 interface; v More kinds of curves of temperature, pressure, fuel level can be used directly and users can define the sensor curves by themselves; Multiple crank disconnect conditions (speed sensor, oil pressure, generator frequency) are optional; Event log, real-time clock, scheduled start & stop generator (can be set as start gen-set once a day/week/month with load or not); All output ports are relay-out; For Mains, controller has over and under voltage, over and under frequency, loss of phase and phase sequence wrong functions; For generator, controller has over and under voltage, over and under frequency, loss of phase, phase sequence wrong, over and reverse power, over current functions; 3 fixed analog sensors (temperature, oil pressure and liquid level); 2 configurable sensors can be set as sensor of temperature, pressure or fuel level; Widely power supply range DC (8~35)V, suitable to different starting battery voltage environment;  Can be used for the pumping unit as an indicating instrument (indicate and alarm are enable only, relay is inhibited); Fully functional, and can detect almost all the generating units of electrical parameters and non-electrical parameters.


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