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This series controller is specialized for Diesel / Gasoline / Gas Genset Start, Stop, Parameters monitoring, faults-checking as well as data setting.

4.3 inch colorful LCD screen display with brand new UI design is adapted in this controller that the relative failures can be displayed directly. All the parameters can be displayed by simulated indicators and words. Besides, LCD screen can display various faults in the same time that the genset will be stopped once it cannot work smoothly.

There are Chinese/English interface options; more language can be set according to user’s request. All the parameters can be configured through the front face buttons or use programmable interface by RS485 or USB to adjust via PC. It can be widely applied for all kinds of auto control system of gensets.

Main Features:

  • 32 units Micro-procession technology is used.
  • 4.3 inch TFT colorful big screen LCD, option language interface(Chinese/English), user’s language set if necessary.
  • Indicator and number display through UI surface.
  • Acrylic material is adapted to protect the screen.
  • Silicone panels;
  • USB Port: parameters can be set even without power through USD port to monitor in real time.
  • With RS485 communication port, can achieve “Three Remote” functions via MODBUS protocol.
  • CAN communication port, J1939 protocol inside.
  • Various kinds of parameters display.
  • Input/output function, status can be shown directly.
  • More categories of surface setting.
  • Real time clock inside: preset time operates and auto maintenance is available. Genset working plan can be set as per week or month.
  • Three class protection countdown function, which can set the maintenance time or date.
  • Records function: relative faults shall be recorded in real time.
  • Totally 7 relay’s output, among which 5 relay output can be self-configurable, each relay can be set as max 50 functions, besides, there are 4 groups as non-contact terminals.
  • 5 relays can be set as switch value input, and each can be set as max 40 functions.
  • 4 sensor simulation input connectors, 6 input types is configurable and various kinds of units can be set.
  • Battery charging control function,which can protect the battery according to battery voltage status.
  • Sensor can be self-defined by front face button or PC software.


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