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BAT-6A-24V - BATTERY CHARGER (24V/3A, 90-280VAC 50/60HZ)



BAC06 series switching battery charger adopts the latest switch power components, which is designed for charging lead-acid starting battery according to its property. The charger is suitable for lead-acid battery float charge. The maximum charge current for 12V charger is 6A; the maximum charge current for 24V charger is 3A.



  • Designed in switching power structure, wide range of AC voltage input, small volume, light weight and high efficiency;
  • Two-stage charging method (constant current firstly and then constant voltage), fully considering charging property of the lead-acid battery, can avoid overcharging and extent extend the battery life to the fullest;
  • With short circuit and reverse connection protection;
  • Charging voltage and current can be adjusted via potentiometer on the spot;
  • LED display: Power indication and charging indication;
  • Horizontal type for installation of BAV06A, easy to install;
  • Vertical type for installation of BAC06V, furthest decreased installation dimension.



Battery Voltage 12V/24V Max. Charging Current 6A/3A Rated Input Voltage (100~240)V Max. Input Voltage Range (90~280)V AC Input Frequency (50/60)Hz Max. Input Current 2A No-Load Power Consumption <3W Operating Mode Two segments Maximum Efficiency 83%/85% Operating Temp. (-30~+55) Storage Temp. (-40~+85) Net Weight(kg) 0.65 Case Dimensions(mm) 143*96*55

BAT-6A-24V - BATTERY CHARGER (24V/3A, 90-280VAC 50/60HZ)

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