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ALC700 series controllers are used for automation and monitor control systems of single light tower unit to achieve scheduled start / stop, sunrise and sunset start / stop, SMS message remote start / stop as well as start / stop genset via remote input port.


ALC700 series controllers can be used for turning on and off the flashlights of the light tower in proper order and is compatible with both AC and DC light tower sets. The modules are digital, smart and networked and enjoy precise data measurement, alarm protection as well as remote control, remote measuring and remote communication functions.


ALC700 series controllers adopt micro-processor technology and combine automation control function with flashlights control function into one product. They have LCD display, selectable Chinese / English languages ​​interface, modular design, compact structure and simple connections. They can be widely used in all types of automatic light tower set with compact structure, advanced circuits, and high reliability.




  • Based on microprocessor, fitted with LCD screen with graphic icons and backlight, selectable Chinese / English languages ​​interface and silicon panel and pushbuttons;
  • Be compatible with both AC and DC light tower sets.
  • True RMS value detection. Collects and shows electrical parameters, water temperature, oil pressure, fuel level and other parameters of diesel light tower set.
  • Real-time clock and real-time calendar functions allow scheduled start / stop (everyday), sunrise and sunset start / stop light tower set; moreover, scheduled start time, running duration time, sunrise time and sunset time can be set by users as their wish.
  • SMS message function (GSM modem must be fitted). When failure occurs, controller will send short messages automatically to max. 5 telephone numbers. Besides, users can remote start / stop light tower set via SMS message.
  • Remote start function. Set arbitrary input port as “Remote Start Input” and controller enters into remote start mode, then users can remote start / stop light tower set by remote close / open input port
  • Manual start / stop control of light tower set and manual on / off control of flashlight.
  • Standard RS485 communication port enables remote control, remote measuring, and remote communication via Modbus protocol.
  • Standard USB communication port makes it easier to communicate with PC and faster to be programmed.
  • Flashlight indicator control function;
  • Accumulative total run time and total electric energy functions make convenient for users to regular maintain and survey fuel consumption;
  • Scheduled start time, SMS telephone number and various delays can be set on the spot and also comes with password protection in case of laypeople disoperation.
  • ALC708 controller can control up to 8 flashlights and the feedback indicator were be fitted on the panel. In addition, the turn on interval time between two lights can be set by users.
  • 99 pieces of event logs can be circularly stored and inquired on the spot; also can be print or be inquired via PC.
  • More kinds of curves of temperature, oil pressure, fuel level can be used directly and users can select “User Configured” sensor curves for unknown engine sensor
  • Widely power supply range DC (8 ~ 35) V, suitable to different starting battery voltage environment;
  • Modular design, pluggable terminal, built-in mounting, compact structure with easy installation;


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